Cismar - Centro Ittiogenico Sperimentale Marino


- Investigation of the environmental conditions and fish resources
o Study of environmental dynamics and definition of parameters of interest and feedback indexes
o Monitoring and economic analysis of the “intelligent” management of demersal resources;
o Analysis of parameters that act as indicators of water masses

- Experimentation, breeding and restocking actions of selected target species
o Analysis of the status of fishing resources (big and small pelagic fish; demersal resources; coastal/benthonic resources): the species are choosen considering those already present in the geographic area selected for restocking upon assessment of natural populations, their biological and commercial interest as well as the possibility of obtaining spawners
o Analysis of fishing indicators
o Genetic characterization applied to management of fishing resources
o Valorisation of richness and biodiversity of coastal resources promoting research projects that integrate the use of genetic markers, breeding in controlled environment, and restocking of endemic marine species; for this purpose genotyping of the captured animals and the spawners is crucial (e.g. DNA fingerprinting) in order to maintain genetic characteristics and recruitment capabilities of local populations
o Study and development of techniques for breeding new species, in order to increase the productive capacity
o The Centre can also provide selected fry of several fish, crustaceans and other invertebrate species for restocking of coastal areas
o Implementation of dietary protocols also in relation to fish meat quality; development of controlled breeding of several species of biological and commercial interest through productive activity for species already commercially relevant (e.g. sea bass, gilthead seebream) and research development for species potentially important for farming and restocking
o Maintainance of constant availability of marine resources by developing and testing sustainable modes of harvest, in parallel with controlled restocking plans in fishery areas
o Development of techniques for prevention and prophylaxis of fish pathologies
o Obtaining products of certified and protected origin with the possibility to have the entire life cycle within the region
o Promotion of socio-economic development compatibile with natural resources and interest

Decisions shared with stakeholders: through permanent round tables in which association and representatives of the categories of interest are involved, together with enterprises and local institutions

Research in aquaculture

o Implementation and development of methods and techniques of breeding that could be used in commercial farming especially concerning species of “minor” interest or unconventional; improvement of the efficiency of the reproductive cycle;
o Production of fry of certified quality also to satisfy the need of the enterprises of the fish and aquaculture sector
o Improvement of the current breeding techniques in order to improve quality of the reared product (whatever fish or mollusc), by acting on housing conditions, food, environmental quality, and origin of fry
o Projects for the development of sustainable mariculture, improving off-shore technology for breeding species endemic typical of the Latium coast emphasising the concept of biological mariculture in analogy to what is happening in agriculture and terrestrial farming

Dissemination and education
o Diffusion and public understanding of ecology and biology of coastal marine environments and of the environmental and geomorphologic characteristics of the areas under biological protection;



Conservation of water ecosystems through management of biological resources, study and control of the interrelationships between marine, coastal and transitional environment and anthropic activities

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Investigation of the environmental conditions and fish resources, Experimentation, breeding and restocking actions of selected target species ...

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Analysis and reports on the status of local marine and coastal environments, Genetic research applied to management of fish stocks and fishing resources, Genetic and phenotypic analysis and characterization of fish stocks and spawners...

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